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Manthan Mayfair- Indian Cuisine.

London is one of the best cities in the world for dining out. The restaurant choices are endless, whether you want fine dining or fast food. There are countless restaurants serving Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Moroccan, Lebanese, and Indian cuisine. These are just a few, there are many more world-famous cuisines to enjoy. 

It was a pleasure to visit Manthan, an Indian restaurant recently. A short walk from Bond Street and Oxford Circus Stations, Manthan is situated on Maddox Street Mayfair. A Michelin-starred Indian Chef, Rohit Ghai and his business partner Abhishake Sangwan own the restaurant.

The Decor

The restaurant owners have used the space well, creating a stylish and uncluttered dining area with a focus on the central statement bar. The restaurant has an elegant contemporary theme with many décors inspired by the ocean, fish, and blue and green colours.

The Menu

Manthan offers an A la carte menu, tasting menus with food and wine pairings and brunch-sharing menus. The restaurant has an impressive drinks menu with a fantastic selection of wines and spirits to complement the food and enhance your dining experience. This includes a wide selection of cocktails and mocktails inspired by exotic fruits, botanicals, and infusions from the seven oceans of the world.

There are many dishes on the menu that are inspired by Indian street food. You can enjoy bar snacks and sharing plates as well as mouth-watering grills, curries, and a selection of the chef's signature dishes and family recipes.

We booked a table in the evening and chose the A la carte menu. A courteous and friendly waiter seated us at our table and we ordered mocktails. While I chose Sindhu, which was pomegranate, mint, lime, jaggery and sparkling apple. My partner chose Sapta, which was lemongrass, ginger with guava. The mocktails were both delicious and refreshing.

There were many dishes on the menu with a fusion touch, and it was difficult to decide what to have. A wide variety of vegetarian dishes are available. The manager was very helpful in suggesting what to sample and asked about allergies before taking our order.


For our appetisers we tried the Pyaaz Kachori, a deep-fried pastry garnished with Roscoff onions, sprouts, mint and green chutney, tamarind chutney and pomegranate seeds. There was an explosion of flavours in every mouthful.

We also ordered the Jackfruit Uthappam, a lentil rice pancake served in the shape of a taco filled with spicy cooked jackfruit filling. It was served with delicious coconut chutney and we really enjoyed it.

Both dishes were very unique in taste and flavour with just the right balance of spices. The presentation was top-notch in both dishes.

Main course

It was the manager's suggestion to order the Aubergine Moilee. The baby aubergines are cooked whole and served over coconut gravy. I am a huge Aubergine fan so I was excited to try this dish. 

We also ordered the slow-cooked Kali dal which was creamy and rich together with the Saag makai, a puree of spinach cooked with tender sweetcorn. 

The main course was completed with flaky tawa paratha and steamed rice to help mop up the delicious gravy and flavour the fluffy rice.

All three curries were very different, each cooked in its own blend of spices and presented beautifully. We loved the Saag Makai and Kali Dal as well as the Aubergine Moilee. I would have preferred some sort of spice-stuffing in the aubergine moilee instead of plain aubergines as they were a little bland on their own although the gravy was delicious.


The meal would not be complete without dessert. I am sure you will agree there is always room for dessert. I chose the delectable classic Trio. It was presented in the style of a cheesecake with a layer of besan barfi layered with mini spongy gulab jamuns and a creamy srikhand topping. A beautiful garnish of chopped nuts and rose petals completed the look. 

As a big chocolate fan, my partner chose Narangi Chocolate. The mousse was rich and creamy and the addition of the tartness of the kumquats and tangy orange coulis really balanced the dark chocolate. The chocolate truffles added another dimension to the dessert and paired well to enhance the flavours and textures.

As a huge foodie, I was mesmerized by the beautiful presentation and the combination of flavours and textures. We loved both desserts, but the Narangi chocolate was the winner.

Ambience and Service

The ambience and service were wonderful, and despite the restaurant being busy, we found the waiters very attentive.

Value for money or not?

Even though the restaurant is a little on the pricey side, it is definitely worth a visit for its location, delicious food, ambience, and service. We will definitely visit again to sample the brunch menu.

Our reservation for Manthan was made through Open Table.

Manthan, 49 Maddox Street, London. W1S 2PQ. 020 7408 2258

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  1. Yum! These dishes look amazing! The Manthan Mayfair with it's Indian cuisine sounds delightful. Thank you for the suggestion!


    1. The dishes were really well prepared and beautifully presented.

  2. Wow, I've been to London so many times but haven't eaten at Manthan Mayfair yet. I'll definitely have to add this to my list for my next trip in 2024, because my husband and I LOVE Indian food!

    1. I am sure you will love the food at Manthan.

  3. Wow, I've been to London so many times but haven't eaten at Manthan Mayfair yet. I'll definitely have to add this to my list for my next trip in 2024, because we LOVE Indian food.

  4. Ohh wow...this making me wanna dine in for some Indian dishes here when I'm in London next time. Cheers SiennyLovesDrawing

    1. Do try and visit Manthan you wont be dissapointed.

  5. Oh wow.. Manthan seems so wonderful.. all the dishes look and sound so delish.. those desserts and the jackfruit dosas are so very cool looking too.

  6. the place looks absolutely lovely! I would LOVE to eat there myself. SOunds like a great opportunity to eat fine Indian meal during travels. It's good know a reliable place.

  7. I LOVE Indian food! It is my favourite. This restaurant looks so pretty and the food looks amazing.

  8. We haven't visited an Indian restaurant in so long, this sounds like a great place when we're next in town.

  9. Whenever I will visit London next time I will try this restaurant for slow-cooked Kali dal. And Makai Saag as well.

  10. I love Indian dishes. Those curry's are amazing. I would like to visit this restaurant. Probably visit every month.

  11. What a wonderful Indian restaurant. I am always on the lookout for new places to dine while I am in London - your review makes this restaurant a 'must try.'

  12. The beautifully presented dishes at Manthan Mayfair are a feast for the senses, bursting with authentic Indian flavors that leave you wanting more. A must-try for any foodie!

  13. What an awesome time! I have to try it out. I've never had this food but your pics look soo good!

  14. This looks like a really nice place to enjoy a meal. That dessert looks yummy.

  15. Nnniicccceeeeeee....I badly want to visit this joint! Any place with appetisers that look as lovely as those, is a place that I must visit! Thanks for sharing about it.

  16. I love Indian cuisine and I am always looking for restaurant recommendations especially for when we are travelling away. All of the food looks amazing but those desserts are extra special.

  17. The spinach and sweet corn dish is calling my name. Sounds comforting.

  18. Now that's an appetizer find! Fancy. Love the idea of the rose petals at the dessert too. Very nice.

  19. I never tried indian food before but look interesting and would love to try it one day.

  20. Everything about this place seems amazing! The food, the drink, the atmosphere...looks like it's all perfect.

  21. Wow! The food looks really good especially the dessert. I super love their presentation and adding some rose petals is awesome. The owners definitely live up to their Michelin-rating.


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