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Refresh your day with 5 flavourful infused water ideas

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Infused water ideas

Let’s face it, plain water—while delicious and oh so good for you—can get a little boring. But infusing your water means you can switch up your flavours whenever you like, keeping your H20 game extra fresh.

Adding your flavour combos to your insulated water bottle or cup is also a good choice as it lets you top up your water and re-use those delicious ingredients. Plus, it’ll keep it all cool as a cucumber. 

So get your favourite cup ready to go, it’s time to get onto some recipes!

1. Citrus Zing Explosion

Infusing your water with citrus isn’t just flavourful, it’s good for you too. Citrus fruits, like lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit are packed full of vitamin C, helping keep our skin and bones nice and healthy. Plus, lemon and grapefruit can even help with digestion, so it’s great to sip on around meal times.

Citrus fruits are also delicious to add to other flavour combos, like with berries, mint or even rosemary. Just make sure you pick your drinkware carefully as lemons, limes and oranges can absorb into some plastics and materials. Your best bet is a reusable cup, as it keeps the flavours where they should be—in your water. 

 How to make citrus-infused water

  1. Add ice to a reusable cup. 
  2. Slice up half a lemon and half a lime, before adding to the cup.
  3. Gently rub a mint leaf between your fingers and put on top of the fruit slices.
  4. Fill the remainder of the cup with water.
  5. Carefully stir and let rest for about an hour.
  6. Head on down to flavour town.

 Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay 

2.Berry Bliss Medley

Berries are great to use as a base for infused water as they can either add sweet or tart flavours to suit your mood. Most berries will be a little more tart if picked before being entirely ripe, with blackberries, cranberries, raspberries and gooseberries known to have a little bite to them. Of course, strawberries, blueberries and cherries are the sweeter members of the berry family, so they’re ideal for quenching that sweet tooth.

The other benefit to adding berries to your water (besides the incredible flavours) is all the extra antioxidants you’ll get throughout the day. So while your taste buds are having a party, your hair, skin and nails will be thanking you too.

How to make berry-infused water

  1. In a reusable cup, add in a small handful each of sliced strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.
  2. Add in a couple of mint leaves.
  3. Using a muddler or the end of a rolling pin, lightly muddle and mix around the berries and mint leaves.
  4. Add in a handful of ice cubes.
  5. Top with water, mix and enjoy.

 3. Cucumber Mint Refresh

Cucumber is one of the most hydrating fruits and vegetables, made up of 96% water. So, not only is this vitamin-packed vegetable going to add so much flavour to your infused water, it’s also going to be a hydrating snack once you’re done drinking! 

 As for mint, it’s great for calming the mind and body, as well as the stomach. Adding cucumber and mint together is such a flavourful treat, and has the added benefit of making you feel more relaxed—almost as if you’re on a holiday.

 How to make cucumber and mint-infused water

  1. In the bottom of a reusable cup, muddle a small handful of mint leaves.
  2. Add in a quarter of a sliced cucumber.
  3. Throw in some ice cubes and top with ice-cold water.
  4. Gently stir and enjoy your new favourite beverage.

4. Tropical Escape Infusion

Food and drinks have the power to transport us to faraway places and distant memories. A tropical escape infusion is a way to add a little touch of holiday magic to your day with every sip. The combination of pineapple, mango and papaya is delightfully punchy and sweet, and can be infused overnight for an even more powerful flavour bomb.

On top of the flavourful surprise, you’re also getting a good healthy hit of vitamins. Papaya is renowned for its high level of antioxidants, while pineapple is known for being anti-inflammatory and mango has loads of immunity-boosting nutrients. 

How to make tropical-infused water

  1. Skin and slice the pineapple, mango and papaya into small chunks.
  2. Add the fruit into the bottom of a cup with a handful of ice.
  3. Top with water and stir to combine.
  4. Infuse overnight for the most flavour, or serve immediately to begin your tropical retreat.

BONUS TIP: Freeze mint leaves in ice cube trays with water to add to your drink for a refreshing twist.

 5. Herbal Serenity Sip

Herbal tea is a great way to unwind at the end of a long day. But did you know herbs make for delicious infused water too? 

Herbs (like rosemary and basil) and floral botanicals (like lavender) add a surprising, yet tasty, flavour to water. They can be combined with other flavours to shake up the recipe, or on their own for a relaxing and hydrating drink. Many herbs are also known for their revitalising properties, like rosemary for helping ease headaches and basil for being anti-inflammatory. Plus, lavender is a relaxing slice of heaven just to smell. 

How to make herbal-infused water

  1. In a reusable cup, add a few slices of lemon.
  2. Rub a sprig of rosemary between your hands before adding to the cup.
  3. Add a small spoon of honey.
  4. Fill the cup with water and ice.
  5. Gently stir in a lavender stem.
  6. Let the aromas transport you.

There are endless infused water ideas you can play with to find your favourites. Start with these recipes and try mixing them up or adding in your own favourite ingredients. The more you try, the better you’ll become at creating your own new flavour sensations!


Staying hydrated in hot weather is crucial for maintaining overall health and well-being. Adequate hydration helps regulate body temperature, supports proper organ function, and enhances cognitive function. Opting for drinks like infused waters with refreshing fruits or herbs, healthy fruit teas, and herbal teas provides hydration without excessive sugar or caffeine. These alternatives not only quench thirst effectively but also offer additional nutrients and antioxidants, making them ideal choices for staying cool and hydrated during scorching weather.

Some drinks you may like are:
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  1. This is such a great way to make staying hydrated taste. I have a hard time drinking enough water. It's just so boring.

  2. These infused water ideas are like a breath of fresh air! πŸŒΏπŸ’§ So simple yet so flavorful! Can't wait to try them out, especially the Berry Bliss Medley and the Tropical Escape Infusion. Thanks for sharing these delightful recipes to keep us hydrated and refreshed all day long!

  3. These are great ideas for summer. I think my favorite is the berry medley it sounds refreshing.

  4. I love the sound of all of these infused waters, so good for you and keeping naturally hydrated. Cucumber and mint is actually one of my favourites. The berry one also sounds great!

  5. The tropical inflused water sounds fantastic! What a great way to keep hydrated in the summertime.

  6. I am not a huge fan of flavor infused water but would love to try some of your ideas. Love the tips!

  7. As a busy mom, it's easy to forget to stay hydrated, but these recipes make it so much more enjoyable. My kids are even loving the fruity twists!

  8. As a busy mom, it's easy to forget to stay hydrated, but these recipes make it so much more enjoyable. My kids are even loving the fruity twists!

  9. I do drink water a lot more in the summer, and do like to infuse it but never seem to get it right. Thank you for sharing this

  10. These water infused ideas seem soooo refreshing! I will try them for sure. I drink water a lot but never tried to infuse it...Thank you so much.

  11. I love the taste of tropical or citrus flavours. The tropic escape infusion sounds really tasty and definitely the one I'd want to try out x

  12. Infused water is a great way to ensure you get more water in your diet. I always find it hard to drink but I love infusing it with seasonal fruits and berries. Delicious concoctions!


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