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At simplyfood I offer the following services:

Recipe Developing:
Are you looking for someone to create unique and tasty recipes using your products and helping to promote them?? I can create, test, cook, style and photograph a recipe using your products and help to promote them.

Product Reviews:
Do you have a product that needs some social media shouts or review to bring more awareness to the product? I am happy to review the product and put it to the test in the simplyfood kitchens.

Sponsored posts:
Are you looking to reach a the right audience for your product, I can offer you a sponsored post written to promote your product in a unique and interesting way.

Brand Ambassadorship:

Are you looking for someone to represent your brand and help to promote it to the fullest?? I am available for brand ambassadorship.

You can check out some examples of my work here:

Examples of recipe developing:

Examples of published recipes:

Examples of Instagram Collaborations:

Examples of reviews and sponsored posts:

Examples of Reviews / Giveaways:

Examples of Brand Ambassadorship:

 am also been the brand ambassador for Onken yoghurts and Fooothie, with whom I collaborate with on recipe developing and product promotion.

You can also find me here:





You Tube

I am also one of the recipe writers for city connect Cambridge an on line magazine. You can check out my profile here:

Any views or opinions expressed in the reviews will be true and honest.

Part of Bloggers Outreach

I am open to suggestions, love new collaborations and endeavour to create the best content to the highest standards.I am reliable and conscientious and I will always work to complete projects and deliver them within the required deadlines.I will always give an honest review of the products featured.

If you are interested in any of my services, have an idea you want to discuss, require a media pack or want to collaborate with me for other assignments please feel free to contact me via the contact form or email.

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