Saturday 2 January 2010

Rava(semolina) ladoo

This is my 1st post of the new year, what better way to start it
then a prayer and offering of ladoo to Lord Ganesh.
Pranamya Shirasa Devam
Gauriputram Vinaayakam
Bhakataavaasam Smare
NityamAayuh Kaamartha Siddhaye

Meaning: Every day, I bow down to that Lord, the son of Gowri, the Lord who lives in the heart of the devotees, blessing them always with good health and prosperity.

Rava /sooji ( semolina) ladoos, miniture sweet ladoos made from semolina cooked in ghee and delicately flavoured with cardamon, saffron,nutmeg and dressed with a royal crown of almonds. A quick and easy dish but devine in taste .

4oz sooji - rava (fine semolina)
2-3 oz ghee clarified butter
2 oz sugar
1/2 pint milk
few strands saffron
1 teaspoon elachi powder (cardamon)
1/2 teaspoon nut meg powder
1 tablespoon almonds roughly chopped
20 almond halves with out skin for garnish

20 Petit paper cake cakes.( optional)


1.In a heavy duty pan stir fry the semolina (rava/sooji) in the ghee and keep stirring until slightly golden brown taking care not to burn. (approx 10 mins.)
2. Add saffron to milk and warm slightly.(This will help release the colour from the saffron .)
3. Slowly add the milk to the browned semolina ,the mixture will start to bubble and thicken.(Take care it splutters and you can burn yourself) Turn heat to lowest setting and keep stirring till all milk absorbed.
4. Add elachi powder, nutmeg and sugar and stir it all in (If you prefer sweeter taste add a little extra sugar than stated in recipe)
5. Remove from heat add the chopped almonds in the halwa and stir. Keep aside to cool slightly.
6. When halwa mixture is touchable but still warm take 1 teaspoon full at a time and roll into small balls( ladoo).Place the ladoo in the petit cake cases and garnish with an almond half.

NB- If you don't have the petit cake cases you can leave ladoos on plate.The size of the ladoo is to individual taste I like bite size ones.

Can be eaten hot or cold.


  1. Nice way to start the year....yummy

  2. Best way to start a new year with god's blessings and a sweet dish are very lovely...

  3. Nice presentation and interesting combination.

  4. looks divine,my fav sweet...yumm

  5. A very divine start ! ladoo's look absolutely yummm:)

  6. Lovley start with a divine touch. May GOD bless you with more and more prosperity

  7. My fav rava ladoo. Pics are good. Happy new year. Thank you for participating in the event.

    Sara's Corner

  8. Beautiful ladoos...lovely presentation..

  9. Wow...beautiful..nice clicks too :-)

  10. I attended my great nephew's mundan on Sunday and have finished the box of ladoos I received, but am craving more. I will try making them using your recipe which looks easy enough for a non-cook like me to follow.


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