Saturday 1 May 2010

Cheese and salad baguette.

Cheese salad baguette- Fresh crispy french baguette filled with mango chutney ,mature chedder cheese and crunchy salad.A delicious lunch time treat.


1 french baguette.( 12 inch long)
1 tablespoon sweet mango chutney
4 slices mature chedder cheese or any cheese of your liking
8 slices cucumber
4 slices tomato
2 leaves of iceberg lettuce
red onion slices ( optional)
pinch salt and pepper.


1. Cut the baguette in half and spread mango chutney in it.
2. Shred the lettuce leaves and place on top on mango chutney.
3. Add the cheese slices.
4. Top with cucumber and tomato slices and red onion.
5. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
6. Cut into four parts.

Serve immediately with potato crisps.

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  1. never tried this one. looks really great

  2. Sandwich looks great. Perfect for a weekend lunch!

  3. Hi there, salad looks good n pairs nicely with the baguette!!! Hey Nayna, do take a look at my latest post n let me know what u think:))

  4. Looooooooooks really yumm. I can live with sandwich alone.. .

  5. Wow, this is simply appetizing! I feel very hungry right now! :)

  6. Nice light lunch.. maybe with soup on the side too! Looks good!

  7. ur recipes are always a tasty fusion of Indian and exotic cuisines.. loved the creative use of mango chutney in baguette :)

  8. baguette looks really yummy with mango chutney.

  9. These are a great take-away sandwich! :-)) Nice to bring them to the school too.

  10. WOW!!! Healthy bites..... U r a genius......... U make them so perfectly..... & very tempting too...


  11. This looks like a perfect meal!

  12. Thats a beautiful combo, love it..

  13. Sandwiches look yum dear...very colorful and tasty filling :)

  14. These would make great packed lunches for school or work.

  15. yummy and delisious......also healthy

  16. oh yes, I'm in for this treat!!! I can eat the baguette as it is but with this salad combination it makes a nice light meal. ideal to prepare myself to wear the summer wears too :-)

  17. Looks yummy and really inviting.

  18. Yum salad baguette. I would love to devour these any day!

  19. Very healthy recipe dear...sounds great n well presented..

  20. This is what my hubby took for lunch today, minus the chutney tho!!!....yummy!!

  21. Just by looking at the ingredients I can guess how tasty and crunchy this would be!!Lovely presentation.

  22. Sandwich looks delcious..Perfect for summer!


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