Wednesday 9 June 2010

Amli-Tamarind chutney.

Amli-Tamarind chutney- A tangy sweet and sour chutney that is a must for all savory and snack dishes in the Indian Kitchen.


16 oz tamarind pulp(without seeds)
12 oz dates(without seeds)
2 teaspoons chilli powder
2 teaspoons salt
3 cups water


1.Soak the tamarind and dates in 3 cups hot water overnight.
2. In the morning squeeze throughly the tamarind pulp and dates to release the fibres,skin and husk.
3.Strain the tamarind /date mixture, squeezing all the pulp out and leaving behind the fibres, husk and skins.
4.Transfer the strained mixture to a bowl and discard the fibres,husk and skins of tamarind.
5.Add the salt, sugar and chilli powder and mix throughly ,adjust seasoning as necessary.(Amli chutney should taste tangy,spicy sweet and sour.Add a little water to get the desired consistency.
6.Transfer to a serving dish.

NB-(If you don't want to use dates then the sweetness can be achieved by using 4 oz jaggery-gor)

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  1. Just made couple of days back......your version also sounds interesting & simple.

  2. wow emili chutney ...i love to have it with samosa...i always want to prepare this...thank you dear for this post

  3. my bi color pattys r waiitng for this chutney since 2 days..hihi....lovely n simply yongue tickling is....pass me tht bowl dear if u dont mind..haha

  4. Nice tamarind date chutney. Looks really good.

  5. I love this chutney a lot :)

  6. Tamarind chutney looks superb and tempting. Thanks for your lovely recipe.

  7. love this tangy tamarind like tasting that...lovely pic!

  8. A very interesting and yummy-looking chutney!

  9. mouthwatering Chutney.. I always have it in my freeze..

  10. Love this chutney with samosas..mouthwatering..

  11. Tangy this with chaat

  12. Chutney looks very good, nice pictures. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your most valuable comments. You have a lovely space here, happy to follow you:-)

  13. Very handy chutney...I always keep this in my fridge as I make chaats quite often. Looks tasty and tangy. Lovely picture!!

    Hamaree Rasoi

  14. Nice tamarind chutney...a dip with any deep fry...

  15. yum yum..such lovely colour u have got..

  16. Love this with cutlets and samosas, looks tempting.

  17. tamarind chutney looks very yum. love to add in chat items

  18. Dear Nayana
    I liked your comment at my blog ..
    This Chutney is my wife's favorite..but she makes with Jaggery or Sugar. ( Big Jar is there in the fridge). I will tell her to try dates too. In Bong style, we often add roasted cumin and red chili powder.

    Now I am grinding my favorite, green Mango coriander chutney (exactly as per your specification) :-)
    Happy cooking

  19. Looks nice and tempting to have any chat with this.

  20. What chutney now imli ...kya baat hai? what next coming up? ;)..I guess I know?

  21. don't thnk i've ever had tamarind

  22. Great chutney , I am not sure whether love or am ashamed of the fact that this was the precursor of "brown sauce" !


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