Friday 29 April 2011

Pineapple Icecream

Luscious, sweet, juicy  fresh pineapple  stirred into a sweet concoction of lime zest , limejuice, condensed milk and folded into rich double cream before freezing.The result is a  burst of sensational tropical flavors in each and every  mouthful.Serve with a medley of juicy pineapple chunks and you will have a dessert that will leave you craving more and more.


300 grams Sweetened condensed milk
300 ml double cream
Juice of one and a half  limes
1 teaspoon lime zest
240 grams fresh pineapple.
240 grams Pineapple chunks for serving.


1. Place 240 grams of fresh pine apple and blend it coarsely so that the pineapple has some texture.
2. Remove from blender and add to a large mixing bowl.
3.Add the Sweetended condensed milk to the blender and  add the lime juice and blend .
4. Add the blended condensed milk to the bowl with the pineapple and add the lemon zest.Mix well.
5. In a separate bowl whip the cream  and gently fold the whipped cream to the pineapple and condensed milk mixture,
6. Transfer the mixture to a tupperware container and place in freezer . Leave to set for 4 hours.
7. After 4 hours, remove from freezer and mix well with a fork to break any ice crystals. and return to freezer for another 4 hours. Repeat this process 3 times.
8. To serve the icecream , take out of the freezer and  leave for few minutes before scooping into ice cream bowls and serve with fresh pineapple chunks.

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  1. Oh! What an apt eye candy for this season!!!! Very tempting bowl..... I am all SLURPEE!!!! :)~~


  2. what a cool recipe, just in time to cool off in the heat :) u can send it to my event if interested:


  3. what a great recipe, just in time to cool off in the heat :) u can send it to my event if interested :


  4. I am craving some carbs and sugar right now. This was satisfying for my appetite even by just watching and reading your great post.


  5. Delicious ice cream...looks perfect...

  6. Perfect treat with the mercury climbing these days..looks luscious!
    US Masala

  7. Never had pineapple ice-cream..looks n sounds yummm

  8. To beat the scorching heat home made ice creams are a good option...looks very delish.

  9. wow..that looks divine....yummy....:)Love the clicks too!!:)


  10. Delicious ice cream. Love pineapple flavor. You have managed to click before the ice cream started melting.

  11. Ice cream looks super and creamy...

  12. Super dooper delicious icecream :) I am melting for it now :)

  13. It's pretty warm here today..this is just perfect!

  14. Aaah, perfect weather to start eating pineapple now! It makes such a nice change from chocolate. And I really like your first photo :)

  15. This is what I need to cool myself in this blazing heat...Nice ice cream!

  16. Yummy icecream..Lovely clicks!

  17. Luscious, creamy ice cream perfect for the summer!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  18. cant wait for summer!...very inviting and refreshing!
    Smitha's Spicy Flavors

  19. First time here. Wonderful blog. Nice collection of recipes. Nice pictures. Yummy ice cream :) Glad to follow you.


  20. oooooh, that looks very tempting :)

  21. Yum! Now that sounds perfect for the hot weather here!!

  22. pineapple is never my fruit, but want to try ur ice cream! yum!

  23. I love pineapple and your ice cream looks fantastic.

  24. saw this on the pineapple round up at Rupali's and had to stop over to tell you that this is total drooliciousness!


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