Thursday 15 September 2011

Jalebi ~ ICC August 2011

Crispy crunchy swirls of batter deep fried and  dipped is aromatic saffron and cardamom infused syrup makes these awesome jalebis simply mouthwatering  and delectable.



Sunflower oil for frying
Few almonds and pistachio nuts for garnish.(optional)

100 grams plain flour
30 grams corn flour
2-3 drops yellow food colouring
Few strands saffron
1 cup natural yoghurt
1 tablespoon sunflower hot oil

Sugar syrup
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
Few strands of saffron
1 teaspoon cardamom powder
1 teaspoon lemon juice.


1.Mix together the plain flour, corn flour, yoghurt, saffron, food colour and hot oil and make a smooth lump free batter
2. Cover  batter and leave overnight to ferment.

3. Heat the sugar and water and lemon juice to form a sweet syrup just a little less than 1 thread in consistency.(Thread Stage 215° F–235° F/108° C–118° C on sugar thermometer) (Lemon juice prevents sugar syrup from crystallising)
4. Heat oil in a pan and while its heating fill up a plastic ketchup/mustard bottle with the batter mixture.(Alternatively use a zip lock bag with a tiny hole cut in the bottom of it.)
5. When oil is medium hot, squeeze batter  to form mini  swirls into the hot oil and fry jalebis  until golden brown on both sides.
6.Immediately remove jalebis from hot oil and shake off access oil and dip them in  warm sugar syrup to coat both sides.
7. Remove jalebis from syrup as soon as you have dipped them to retain crunch  and place them on serving dish .Repeat procedure for remaining batter.
8. Garnish with almond and pistachio slivers if desired.
Serve hot.

Jalebi batter turned out a little too thin  and made it difficult to form uniform swirls.I had to add another tablespoon of corn flour to thicken the batter. I think batter was thin because my yoghurt was low fat and very runny.

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  1. Yummy jalebis.. Looks mouthwatering !!

  2. Well done to you for attempting the jalebis!! I have never tried them with the addition of corn flour.

  3. The jalebis looks yummy here ..First time.great space.Would love to come again.Love.

  4. looks nice crisp and husband's favorite...i like the sister version jangiri better...

  5. Seriously drooling over that irresistible jalebis..yumm..

  6. Looks divine,irresistible jelabis

  7. So sticky and goeey I would love to get a couple of them from that beautiful pile of Jalebis:)

  8. Jalebis are my most favorite sweets in the world! Looks lovely! (/you should have posted this last week! I would have definitely selected this! Next time I hop to your blog, I'm making Jalebi! :D)
    Edible Entertainment

  9. Look delicious and beauty! gloria

  10. crispy jalebi...looks yummm!!!!

  11. delicious looking jalebi looks wonderful

  12. You made it!!! This is the one which i still struggle to prepare. very tempting and looks delicious!


  13. Wow! yummy jalebis!

  14. Those jalebis look delicious. My first batch batter was runny as well. Just use equal amounts of curd & flour, it worked for me.

  15. Looks great Naina :). Loved this challenge....

  16. Superb jalebi's, love the look of it.

  17. Looks great!..thanks for joining..

  18. The jalebis look very crispy and I want to gobble some!

  19. I have not heard of jalebis. First time seeing this dish. it looks delish and you have arouse my curiosity to find out the taste.

  20. Hi..first time have a grt space, the jalebis look so yummy..nice clicks too!!

  21. The jalebis look out of the world. Absolutely one of my favorite sweets!

  22. Yum, they have come out so well :)

  23. I will be honest.. I am really not too confident when it comes to making sweets at home! But ur recipe seems to be inspiring me! :)
    I will try it out for sure under mom in law's guidance and tell you how it turns out!

    do check my blog as well... happy to follow you! :)


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