Sunday 2 June 2013

Yoghurt and summer berry trifle

Experience summer freshness in every mouthful in this delicious sponge base smothered in berry coulis and topped with delicious strawberry yoghurt..


170 g Chobani strawberry yoghurt
180 g of fresh mixed berries( strawberries,raspberries,blackberries)
1 tablespoon icing sugar
4  large sponge fingers(or madeira cake)
Chocolate curls or chocolate stars for decoration


1.Reserve few berries for garnish and add remaining berries to a blender. Add the icing sugar and blend to a purée.
2. Take 4 serving glasses and cut the sponge fingers to fit the shape of the cup bottom.
3. Place the sponge finger in the bottom of the cup.
4. Spoon some of the berry coulis on top of the sponge finger in each serving glass.
5. Whip the yoghurt up and spoon a couple of  tablespoons on top of the coulis layer.
6. Garnish with remaining berries and chocolate stars.
Chill for 30 minutes before serving.


  1. lovely , refreshing and colourful dessert ! Pics are tempting :)

  2. This looks remarkably tasty and simple - must have a go at this! x

  3. Loving those cute glasses! !! Totally refreshing! !

  4. I'm definitely favouring desserts that are tasty AND healthy now.

  5. Delicious summer cooler dessert.

  6. looks really delicious... yumm...

  7. triffle looks absolutely yummy..perfect snack

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  8. I love the star as a finishing touch! Looks so yum

  9. irresistible trifles in the gorgious glass

  10. These look so summery and pretty! Will try these out as well. Love all your recipes (and they always taste as good as they look!)

  11. Gorgeous pics dear.. love the perfectly laid layers and the colors! :)

  12. These look gorgeous, great recipe

  13. That would look lovely when we have friends over for dinner & easy to make will definately be bookmarking this page.
    Thank you. x

  14. beautifully presented dessert looks wonderful

  15. once again a delicous looking beautiful post from you :) perfect for this sunshine we are having !

  16. no cooking involved, what better a recipe in this weather we are having. Looks delicious.

  17. So so easy and so yummy. made this for my Mum who doesn`t like heavy puddings ~ and it was just prefect to finish off the meal. Great little Summer recipe. Thank you.

  18. This looks nice and I like the pots too :-)


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