Saturday 8 June 2013

Yoo moo yoghurt review

Yoo moo is a range of delicious frozen yoghurts that come in an assortment of flavours and in two tub sizes 170 ml tub and a 750 ml family tub to share. With only 135 kcal per 100 g serving these yoghurts make a wonderful guilt free dessert.
The 170ml pots have been made especially so that can just pick your favourite and enjoy it straight from the tub. They come with delicious swirls of sauce and toppings combined with creamy frozen-yoghurt. 
The larger 750ml tubs are for experimenting with so that you can create your own flavours by adding your own different toppings, treats and fruit combinations.
The yoo moo are deliciously creamy on their own or served with a twist, they're the perfect healthy indulgence to keep in your freezer. The yoo moo yoghurts come in an array of flavours such as:

Devilmoo- chocolate flavour frozen yogurt with swirls of chocolate-flavoured sauce and rich brownie chunks, all topped with milk chocolate stars. 

Tropicoolmoo- natural frozen yogurt with swirls of juicy mango and passion fruit sauce topped with tangy freeze-dried mango puree pieces.

Strawbswirlmoo- yogurt with swirls of strawberry sauce, topped with freeze-dried strawberry pieces. 

Veryberrymoo- natural and blueberry fro-yo topped with mixed berries, granola and swirls of raspberry sauce.

Cherrychocmoo-cherry and natural fro-yo swirled with cherry sauce and topped with dark chocolate curls and cherry pieces.

Strawbmoo-strawberry fro-yo swirled together with natural frozen 

Chocmoo- it's vanilla frozen yogurt swirled with a chocolate fro-yo.   

Cherrymoo-natural and blueberry fro-yo topped with mixed berries, granola and swirls of raspberry sauce.

Vanillamoo-vanilla flavour creamy fro-yo .

Nakedmoo- natural flavour to create your own unique taste. 

Yoo moo yoghurts are available in all major supermarkets and also at yoo moo yoghurts bars. Yoo moo sent me a voucher so I could sample their yoghurt too. I tried the strawbswirlmoo yogurt which was creamy and delicious with swirls of strawberry sauce, topped with freeze-dried strawberry pieces. It was seriously decadent.
Thank you to yoo moo for the sample, all the views and opinions in this post are my own.

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  1. OOOOOO yummy, the Devilmoo sounds divine, but so do all the other flavours! MOOOOOOO


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