Friday 25 July 2014

Morrisons ~ on line Shop

I want to make the most of the sunshine while it lasts so creating free time to spend time with family and friends after work and at weekends is a priority. Amongst household chores, the weekly shop takes a big chunk of my time; so when Morrisons started their home delivery service and asked me if I wanted to trial it I jumped at the chance to place my first on line order. 

It was very easy to create a login using my email address and the site was simple to navigate. The “find a product box” made life easy, as all I had to do was type in the key word of the product I required and it was easily found. I also liked the fact that if the product was in an offer, the site prompted you so that you did not miss out on the deal. For those people who like bargains you can also click on the “offers” tab which will show you all the products that are currently on offer. If you selected a product that was out of stock, the site immediately suggested another similar product to save you hunting for it; I found this very useful.

I always make a shopping list so whizzing through the site picking all the products on my list was very straight forward and I completed my whole shop in less than 20 minutes. The delivery option was simple too and cost only £ 3.00. I was able to pick a time slot convenient to me and the delivery was guaranteed within an hour of that slot. Furthermore, Morrisons sent a text message to let me know my shopping was on its way. My shopping arrived in time and the driver was cheerful and friendly, there was only a slight hiccup where one of my shopping bags went missing. As soon as I realised, I phoned customer services and the driver immediately returned with the missing items.

Checking through my shopping, everything was in order. I am very particular about my fresh fruit and vegetables so I was a little worried whether they would meet my expectation, I need not have worried as it was all selected and packed to my satisfaction. The home delivery service was very efficient and I would definitely use it again.

I found the products at Morrisons great value for money and I was able to create an al fresco dinner for four people for under ten pounds. My menu for my dinner was rice with peas, red kidney bean curry, spiced bulgur wheat salad, green salad, pitta bread and fresh galia melon for dessert.

Many of the products I selected were value products and came in packs. I did not use up all the ingredients in those packets to create my dinner and I used some of my own store cupboard ingredients such as oil and spices to flavour and cook my meal.

My shopping list for my meal for four was under ten pounds:

500g Tilda Basmati Rice
£ 2.25
400g Birds Eye Frozen Peas
£ 1.00
£ 0.30
£ 0.49
£ 0.34
Iceberg Lettuce
£ 0.49
Pitta Bread 6 pack
£ 0.49
Kidney Beans 2 tins
£ 0.23
£ 0.42
500g Bulgar Wheat
£ 1.09
Mixed Peppers
£ 0.99
Galia Melon
£ 0.99
£ 9.31

All the views and opinions in this post are my own and unbiased, Morrisons had compensated me for my shopping bill by giving me £ 80.00 on line shopping voucher.


  1. I used online shopping method once only and was a bit dissapointed with quality of products that I've got so since then I would rather do shopping myself but I guess with each supermarket experience will be different ;)

  2. So pleased you had a great experience! There is no way you'd get your shopping done in 20 minutes if you went in store! May need to use this service from now on! x

  3. Online shopping makes life so much easier.. It has really caught up in India too..

  4. I have to say, I've only tried online shopping a few times, and with the notable exception of Ocado, which is a tad pricey, found it disappointing so far. Products were often chosen very near to their use by dare, which I could have avoided in store, and meat was often very fatty or just not how I would have chosen it. I may give Morrisons a try though.

  5. I didn't know that Morrisons did a delivery service now. I shall have to check that out.


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