Thursday 24 July 2014

Taste Sensation Experiment.

Sensory scientists have revealed it is strawberries and the smell of freshly cut grass that is this summer’s sweetest taste sensation. I recently learnt about an experiment  that the sensory scientists at the university of London conducted to show that listening to different sounds while eating berries can actually alter the taste of them. The scientists found that listening to happy, summery sounds, the taste of the berries amplified and the fruit tasted fruitier.
I was so interested to read and learn about this experiment that I agreed to take part in a sensory experiment to see for my self if this was indeed true or not.


I placed the strawberries in a white bowl , smelt the strawberries , looked at the colour, felt the texture, and the taste and noted it down. The berries  looked normal and very juicy and had a tang to the taste.

Experiment 1-Colours

Did you know that sweetness is linked with colours??

I transferred the strawberries to a red bowl,  and I listened to soothing music from here whilst I enjoyed the strawberries. The strawberries looked juicier and really inviting and even appeared sweeter. This shows that there are links between our senses, and that certain sounds, shapes and colours will actually affect how something tastes.

Experiment 2 -Summer Garden Party

In this experiment, the idea was to recreate a summer tea party sensation with background music that reminds us of summer garden parties. I made a cup of tea to drink and listened to a tape that played garden party sounds from here, whilst I ate the strawberries and drank the tea.
The aroma from the tea and the garden party sounds of jazz music made me feel I was outdoors and it really affected my taste buds of how the strawberries tasted and looked.

Experiment 3- Picnic

In this experiment, the idea was to create a grass smell and give your senses a taste of open air and picnics. The mood was created by lighting a grass scented candle and rubbing my fingers with some blades of grass, whilst listening to picnic music from here. When the strawberries were eaten the scent of the grass from the candle and on my fingers reminded me of picnics, open spaces and the strawberries tasted as if they were freshly picked.

Experiment 4- The Beach

In this experiment, I rubbed sun cream on my fingers and played beach music from here. I also wore sunglasses.Whilst eating the strawberries, the scent from the sun cream evoked happy holiday memories and consequently this transferred into the taste and aroma of the strawberries.

Conclusion: It was found that we associate taste with smell, sounds and colour.
Sensory expert from the University of London, Professor Barry Smith, said:
"More than any other sense, smell can evoke powerful, emotional memories.'
"Strawberries have been shown to trigger nostalgic summer memories, because people usually see them as a seasonal treat.  

To take part in this experiment I was sent a red bowl, a cup, a teabag and a tube of sun cream with a voucher to purchase some strawberries. I really enjoyed trying this experiment and all my opinions are unbiased and true of my experience.

If any simply food readers try this experiment do drop by and share your findings in the comment section below.I would be most interested to find out  and read your experiences with this experiment.


  1. Interesting, and yes i agree... the taste and smell of food depends a lot on the environment, colour and the experience/mood we are in at that particular time !

  2. lovely post, works in well wight he weather we're having at the moment :) xo

  3. Wow, I will certainly be trying this!

  4. It must've been a gr8 experience ..

  5. Lovely post Nayna! I may sound silly but I love smell of "air" whether is a crisp morning air or after rain or evening - for me they all smell different and almost everytime when I smell them it brings back so many memories from my home country :)

  6. I really enjoyed reading this article Nayna. I knew that are tastebuds are linked to smells but found it fascinating how different sounds, colours and memories can also alter taste.

  7. Sounds really fun Nayna. I think I am going to see if I can do similar in my garden tomorrow.

  8. This is REALLY interesting Nayna and sounds like fun too!

  9. Interesting experiment Nayna, and one you must have lots of fun doing! Great idea.

  10. Now I have this vision of you with all your summer props eating strawberries! Really interesting stuff, thanks.


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