Thursday 1 January 2015

Cakes by Robin~A birthday cake.

Cakes by Robin is owned by Robin Green, who creates bespoke cakes for all occasions, be it a birthday, graduation, corporate event,wedding, engagement or Christmas. The cakes are beautifully created styled and are delivered straight to your door.The range also includes cookies, cupcakes and cakepops too.
Browsing through their portfolio of cakes was a pleasure, there with some stunning designs and I am absolutely thrilled that they contacted me to see if I would like to review one of their cakes.

I am not a fan of Christmas cake so I requested the option to  review a birthday cake instead as it was my daughters birthday. The response was very generous and I was offered a birthday cake of my choice. I opted  for a chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream and fondant decorations on the theme of "opticians". (This because the cake was for my daughter who is an optician.)

The day before the birthday , at noon a beautiful birthday was delivered to my house.There was only one small problem and that was that the name on the cake was misspelt. This for us, was not a major problem as I soon scrapped off the incorrect letter and piped a new letter with some icing, however for someone who does not have cake decorating knowledge it may have posed a problem.

The birthday girl was really thrilled with it and we all really enjoyed the chocolate cake and had lots of admiration for the design. The chocolate cake inside was moist and had just the right amount of butter cream on it. The thick layer of fondant was not too hard and the decoration were beautifully hand crafted.
I would like to thank cakes by Robin for sending us such a lovely cake  and making my daughters birthday special.

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  1. I always have a hard time finding Birthday cakes. I have three family birthdays in winter, two in November & one in December. There are lots of festive cakes around but not many birthday cakes. The Cakes By Robin cake looks delicious I will be having a look at their website now & bookmark it for next year xxx


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