Sunday 27 December 2015

Tidbits in my pantry- Healthy Snacks

During the months of November and December, I have had a lot of foodie gifts either sent to e by companies or gifted to me by friends and family. I love the whole collection of these delicious healthy goodies.

1. Liberation Nuts- these selection of nuts are perfect for nibbles, party nibbles and snacking. Three delicious varieties  making these perfect for all tasted.They come in small single serving packs or larger packs for sharing.
  • Oven baked Salted cashew and peanuts.
  • Oven Baked Chilli and Lime Cashews, peanuts and roasted corn
  • Oven baked peppercorn, peanuts with cashewnuts, habas fritas and crunchy beans

2. Quinoa Chips made by Eat Real, a super grain vegetarian and vegan snack that is delicious and healthy. These come is assorted flavours and are so moreish.

3.Raw Gorilla Munchies- Grain free cereal free snacks.
Raw Cacao and Lucuma fruit and nut bites.

4.Elephant Food- Superfood snack
  • Coco Chomp-coconut, raw cashew, cocoa.buckwheat clusters and cranberries
  • Nuttin but energy, raw cacao,brazil nuts,almonds,sunflower seeds and buck wheat clusters


5.Planet Organic Gnaw on Nature Raw 46- mini bite size snacks made with natural goodness.
These nibbles are free from grains, gluten,dairy and refined sugars

6. Dr.Karg's Organic crispbread Emmental Cheese and pumpkin seed crackers. these delicious and healthy bites a have pumpkin seeds and linseeds and are made with 100 % wholegrain flour.

After the indulgence of food during  of the festive period, these delicious snacks are perfect if you want to have a guilt free snack for the new year.I was sent the liberation nuts to review all other products were bought for me by friends and family.


  1. New year and new me! I need to start fresh and clean ( how long for hah) lovely selections! I need to buy them!

  2. I love healthy snacks. I've not heard about most the brands mentioned before. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to trying soon.

  3. I love picking on nuts these all sound lovely though, and the perfect thing to get off the chocolate in the new year

  4. mmm these look delicious! I need to try some new snacks the quinoa chips sound delicious

  5. The raw chocolate looks very tasty! I made my own a few months ago and I know it has some great health benefits as opposed to standard chocolate!

  6. I so need to switch to healthy snacks and have not heard of any of these, so thank you. Kaz x

  7. Healthy snacks are always useful. I like the look and sound of the nuts.

  8. It is my intention for us to eat a lot healthier in the new year so these snacks are perfect, thanks for sharing

  9. I do need to eat more heathily and these look yummy. Shall have a look in the supermarket when I do my shopping

  10. What a wonderful selection of snacks. We should really look out for different things as we always seem to end up with crisps.

  11. I want to live much healthier in the new year and I love the sound of the quinoa crisps.

    Happy New Year!

  12. Thanks so much for sharing this post- im really on the look out for healthy alternatives so this hit the spot for me! xxx

  13. Oh these look much healthier than Crisps. I will have to try some of them

  14. really love the sound of these! perfect for the new year when the chocolate gets packed away and the healthy living resumes!

  15. They all sound delicious and so tempting after the usual chocolate overdose at Christmas x

  16. I love those quinoa chips. They are amazing dipped in some roasted red pepper hummus.

  17. Lots of things to nibble in this list!


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