Thursday 14 April 2016

Tidbits in my Pantry from Bloggers Party

This month I have had an interesting collection of products in my pantry to sample. They did not arrive through the post, instead I had the opportunity to attend the Bloggers tea party where a few of these brands were showcasing their products. I had the chance to meet the creators behind the brands and taste their awesome products.

Fruit Jerky- A delicious vegan gluten free fruit snack made from misshapen rescued fruit. Two delicious flavours Apple and Raspberry and Apple and Mango.These are the perfect on the go snacks.

Pic's Peanut Butter -  Pure peanut butter made from roasted peanuts and ground to make peanut butter. There is the smooth or crunchy variety. No other additives are found in this jar of goodness from New Zealand.The crunchy peanut butter was divine.

Chika's A taste of the Exotic- A collection  of tasty snacks from West Africa which include Chickpea crisps, cashew nuts , peanuts, smoked almonds and plantain crisps.There were truly delectable and moreish,I could continue to nibble on these fore ever.

Jakes Boost- All natural nut and seed butter which is sugar-free, palm oil-free, salt-free, gluten- and dairy free and vegan.I loved the addition of the seeds and the crunchy texture they gave the butter.

Biotifuldairy's Kefir Organic Cultured milk smoothies - Smoothies with probiotic cultures and vitamins and minerals in 4 different flavours Honey and Mint, Morello Cherry, Riazhenka(baked milk) and Kefir. I had never tried Kefir before so was pleasantly surprised at the taste.

Drink me chai-  Drink Me Chai Latte is range of delicious award winning Chai Latte’s inspired by the original Chai from India.Being a chai drinker these collection of chai's really rocked my boat.

Just Bee Honey water- Natural spring water enriched with a drop of honey in three delicious flavours Blueberry, Lemon and Green tea and Apple and ginger.I was really  so impressed with this drink and really enjoyed the Apple and ginger one although all three flavours were great.

I would like to Thank all the brands that  gave me their product samples to taste. All views and opinions are my own.


  1. Wow.. so many goodies.. wish I could get some to taste.

  2. Mmmm, these look delicious, especially the peanut butter! My partner would also enjoy the Chai Latte :)

  3. so many new products, I love the sound of the Chai tea being a tea junkie myself

  4. Oh I love the sound of Chickpea crisps = something a bit different (and hopefully a healthier alternative to regular crisps) x

  5. Oh wow what some amazing sounding bits, I'm hearing so much about Chai at the moment. x

  6. Lovely selection of some fab products - I love latte but have never tried chai latte - although I see it everywhere. Kaz x

  7. Looks like you had a nice event, sorry I couldn't join you for this one - next time!

  8. I am liking the sound of the peanut butter, but then I am obsessed with it x

  9. Sounds like a really great event you got invited too, I think all of these products looks interesting. I would love to try Pic's Peanut Butter! Thank you for sharing x

  10. And you forgot to mention that you met me haha! It was so nice seeing you hope to see you again! How did your conference go? xx

  11. Recently just tried Just Bee drinks! They are alot nicer than I Thought they would be actually :)

  12. Honey water sounds really interesting! It sounds great, must keep an eye out for that.

  13. I love those chai drinks - we get through so many of them in winter.


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