Wednesday 27 January 2021

5 Tips for Going Vegan

January is Veganuary; many people have been following a vegetarian/vegan diet through the month. However we are almost at the end of the month so why revert back to being a non-vegetarian. So why not decide to go vegan? Well, it has never been easier than right now - there are more and more vegans worldwide every day. Therefore the demand for and supply of vegan products is also increasing. In 2017, the demand for meat-free food went up by an astounding 987%! So you're in good company.

How, though, does one go vegan? How can you make the transition as smooth as possible?

Let's look at the essential things to know for going vegan so that you can eat the way you want without spending too much time, money, or mental energy in the process.

1. Look at veganism as an adventure

Some people see going vegan as limiting themselves, as restricting what they can have. If you can see veganism as an adventure of exploration, you'll be more likely to enjoy the ride and stick with it.

One of my favourite things to do is walk through the produce aisle of the supermarket and challenge myself to try a new fruit or vegetable each week. This may take some planning initially, so allow yourself a bit of extra time to get accustomed to new recipes.

You'll be rewarded with astoundingly creative vegan recipes that you can easily find on the internet, such as Beetroot Paneer Curry, Easy Vegan Nachos, and more. 

2. Educate yourself

Going vegan doesn't mean you can skip protein, of course, and other essential vitamins and minerals. Look up key ingredients such as vitamin B12-enriched nutritional yeast and other foods that can provide you with protein.

If you are concerned about getting the right nutrients on a vegan diet, consult with your doctor. Many vegan products are vitamin-fortified, and so you don't necessarily need supplements.

Iron and calcium are plentiful in plant-based foods, and many dairy-free milks and tofu are calcium-enriched.

Tofu plays a key role here, as tofu is a healthy, low-fat protein option that is highly versatile as a meat substitute. There are many ways to prepare tofu to achieve delicious flavors and textures that won't have you missing meat. 

This is particularly true if you get yourself a tofu press like the ones at Tofubud that will quickly remove excess moisture so that your tofu soaks up the delicious flavors of marinades and juices instead. Why not try this delicious pea noodles and tofu stir fry.

A fundamental rule is to include a source of fats, protein, and carbs at each meal. Along with veggies, of course!

3. Go easy on yourself at the beginning

There are lots to learn when you go vegan, so while you are learning new recipes, there's nothing wrong with relying on the many packaged foods available. Vegan 'burgers', loaves, bacon substitutes, and other foods shouldn't be the staple of your diet, but they are great transition foods to quickly please your taste buds while you learn how to prepare vegan versions of your favorite foods. Vegan food does not mean more expense, check out 100+ Cheap food to buy to get an idea of how you can budget.

4. Create a repertoire of favorite dishes first

Start with a few simple dishes, and then build on that. Why not check out this vegan  Creamy vegan tomato soup .or this roasted aubergine curry and vegetable biriyani

For example, if you love cheesy sauces, find a recipe for a vegan alternative that you enjoy.

Think about breakfast, too. If you used to eat eggs, check out vegan breakfast alternatives such as savory breakfast skillets, oatmeal, avocado toast, or other options such as these mini vegan oat and apple muffins or this Vegan chocolate smoothie

You may want to start a Pinterest account with meal boards where you store vegan recipes that you come across to have them all in one place.

5. Learn how to adapt dishes to make them vegan-friendly

There are many tricks to adapting traditional dishes and ingredients to vegan versions that are also tasty and satisfying.

The more vegan recipes you become familiar with, the more you'll understand how to replace not just meat but cheese, butter, cream, and eggs.

Many people stop at substituting tofu cubes or tempeh for meat - but there are more creative ways to replace meat. Dehydrated and marinated mushrooms make an excellent  substitute too.. Shredded jackfruit is perfect for a pulled pork substitute and is now found in supermarkets, restaurants, and take-outs. Cashew cream may not taste exactly like dairy cream, but it comes pretty close!

Even baking bread or cakes is easy to do without eggs. For each egg required, substitute 1 tablespoon of chia seeds soaked in 3 or 4 tablespoons of water. Your baked goods will come out deliciously moist and even better tasting than with eggs!

These delicious lemon pistachio and mini bundt cakes are vegan and simply delectable.

Going vegan does not mean you can miss out on sweet treats check out these vegan chocolate chip cupcakes. 

Butter on toast is easily replaced with, sunflower spread, smashed avocado guacamole or coconut oil. Try them and see which you prefer.

If you find the transition to being vegan difficult and daunting, try changing to a vegetarian diet first then slow cut out dairy and other products gradually till your body starts to adjust. simplyfood is a vegetarian /Vegan blog do check over 900 recipes that will help you to create delicious and tasty recipes easily.

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  1. I think I can definitely turn into vegan with all your delicious and wonderful recipe suggestions

  2. I'm not vegan, we love our meats, cheeses and dairy far too much. It is interesting to learn more about it though, so I can better understand what others are referring to in conversation.

  3. These are some great tips, I love vegan and vegetarian food but my husband and son wouldn't be as easy to convert

  4. I’ve been thinking about going vegan for the last year . We were vegetarian years and years ago , such good tips here

  5. Great tips for going Vegan. I've tried it a few times, but never really stuck at it. Educating yourself before you start is so so important.

  6. I think you are right, most of us could probably do it if we educated ourselves and treated it as an adventure than punishment

  7. Great advice for anyone that is thinking of becoming of a Vegan.

  8. I definitely think taking it easy and being easy on yourself is so important. When you first go vegan you're likely to slip up, but you learn every time x

  9. When I went veggie, I literally went cold turkey lol but it's true to make that next step to becoming vegan being easy is the most important thing and to educate yourself.

  10. These are great tips. I have slowly been adapting dishes to make them veggie or vegan. Will definitely give some of the others a go.


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