Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Shrikand (Hung yoghurt dessert)

Shrikand-A creamy delicious dairy dessert made from natural hung yoghurt, sweetened with sugar and delicately fragranced with cardamom and saffron. Garnished with chopped nuts, a rich dessert to tickle and tantalise your taste buds.


2000 grams natural yoghurt
500 grams powdered sugar (add more if you prefer sweeter)
2 teaspoons ground cardamom powder
1 tablespoon almond slivers
½ tablespoon thinly sliced pistachio nuts
Few strands saffron soaked in 1 teaspoon warm milk.
Few strands saffron for decoration.


1. In a muslin cloth pour the yoghurt, gather the cloth up and tie a knot.
2. Place the muslin cloth with the yoghurt in a colander for the water to drain out of the yoghurt. (Don’t forget to place the colander on a tray to catch the drained water.)
3. Leave yoghurt overnight to drain water and next morning transfer the drained yoghurt (hung yoghurt) to a bowl. It should be thick and creamy.
4. Add the powdered sugar to the hung yoghurt and the saffron soaked in milk. Mix.
5. Add the cardamom powder and mix thoroughly.
6. Transfer the mixture to a serving dish and garnish with the almond slivers, pistachio nuts and saffron strands.

Chill before serving.

Serve with Plain puri

NB -To make fruit shrikand chopped ripe mango/grapes/ strawberries/pomegranate seeds or peaches can be added also. Follow the recipe exact as above but add the fruit and mix before transferring to serving dish.
The quantity of the yoghurt seems a lot but once all the water has drained from it will become thick and reduce in quantity.

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  1. hey dear shrikhand looks fantabulous dear....so creamy and yum..pass on the bowl......hehe...

  2. Shrikhand is our one of the fav. dessert....looks yummy and mouthwatering!!

  3. Nayna, this is too tempting..love to try the fruit shrikand..great pictures Dear..

  4. Really need to make shrikhand sometime soon.. have been seeing it everywhere on blogs! And the recipe seems reasonably simple. Hope you enjoyed yours! Cheers! :)

  5. yummy dish. nice presentation too

  6. My all time fav dessert..Looks so yummy..

  7. love shrikhand...easy yet delicious dessert to make anytime...and the best part is no cooking needed...

  8. Looks very yummy. Nice shots too. Very cooling on a hot day.
    I am drooling.

  9. Nayna,
    Shrikand looks really yummy. I need to try this recipe some time.

  10. awesomely yummy !! looks so tempting and inviting dear...my mouth is watering....nice clicks too !!

  11. Thats very simple and beautiful..

  12. Ummmmmm this rich dessert looks divine.. Very nice photos.
    Hamaree Rasoi

  13. Wow!!!!
    Delicious dessert...
    Thx. for sharing dear :-)

  14. Shrikand is a completely new dessert to me..Great recipe and nice pics..

  15. Wat a tempting shrikhand, looks gorgeous with all those nuts..

  16. Shirkand looks very rich dessert,,heard about it but hv nt tasted yet dear...i hope it will taste good with this rich ingredeints..

  17. Superb shrikhand dear...I am drooling over those pictures :)

  18. Very tempting.... Perfectly prepared & presented & awesomely captured to bring out its essence..... KUDOS!!!!


  19. Hey teh Shrikhand looks so yummy...nice Recipe

  20. Thats one of my favourite dessert. Looks very yummy :)

  21. Mouth watering recipe.. looks perfect dear!!

  22. Shrikhand is one of my fav desserts...absolutely yummmm:)

  23. Love this..looks so tempting and yumm

  24. it looks great and I have forgotten the numerous times of having shrikand so far..love it

  25. Love creamy shrikand with all that garnishing.

  26. I don't think I've tried this before but it sounds awesome. Wish I could have some now :)

  27. Shrikand looks delicious..very tempting ...

  28. Thts lovely.... Shrikand is my favourite... Will try this at home.....
    Thanks for ur comments in my blog...
    Madhurya Karthik

  29. My mom used to make this, love it. Got to try in Summer.

    I take Xyzal which helps most of the time for my allergy, sometime only a allergy shot can help atleast for a allergy free month. You know today temp is 90F, they are warning code Orange Ozone air! GGGRrrreat for me!!!:P

  30. Shrikhand oh can u plz send me this bowl ???yumm..

  31. I've never had a dessert like this - looks great!

  32. Thank you for the lovely entry

  33. wow this looks great! I love the garnishing.


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