Friday 28 December 2012

Product Review ~Terra Rossa

On my recent visit to the taste of London food festival, I met the lovely Hanan founder of Terra Rossa. Terra Rossa is the name given to the “red soil” which is commonly found in the fertile green crescent which covers Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The soil is particularly good for cultivating olive groves, citrus trees and grape vines.
Terra Rossa are specialist in Arabian products which are used in preparing exquisite Arabian cuisine. At the exhibition I was able to sample aromatic spice infused olive oils that are perfect for dipping Mediterranean bread, I tasted dips such as red and green Harissa and an array of Arabian spices such as sumac and Zaataar.

The oils and spices are perfect for seasoning and adding to houmous, dips and dressing salads.
In addition for those with a sweet tooth, there was the delicious pistachio and apricot nougat, sugared almonds and a tradition Arabian sweet called manna made with mixed almonds, pistachio nuts and cardamom.
I was truly bowled over with the products and when Hanan offered to send me some samples of the oils, spices and the dips with the beautiful hand painted dipping bowls I was overjoyed.

All Terra Rossa products are offered in elegantly packaged bottles, with hand made ceramic dipping pots and are presented in natural corrugated cartons, jute bags, Jordanian Hampers and hand-crafted wooden boxes. All the products are sold via delicatessens, farm shops and garden centres with fine food sections and can be purchased directly from Terra Rossa on line.

I would like to thank Hanan for her generosity in sending me the oils, spices, dips and particularly the beautiful dipping bowls. The introduction to these beautiful ingredients has fuelled my passion for trying Arabian and Middle Eastern foods and I have been cooking some Lebanese  and Moroccan  dishes at

All views, opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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