Sunday 23 December 2012

Sweet Trees

Edible chocolate covered sweet trees.

Non edible item required:

7 cm polystyrene ball
Small flower pot or tea light holder
12 inch wooden dowling rod(diameter 1 cm)
Spare piece of dowling for dipping
Plaster of Paris
Decorative ribbon 2 metres


240 g milk chocolate
30 g white chocolate
Sweets (smarties, m&m's or maltersers )


1. Wrap the ribbon around the dowling rod and secure both ends with sticky tape.
2.  Make plaster of Paris as per packet instructions and once it has been mixed half fill the pot with the plaster of Paris.(Do not overfill pot as the plaster will expand and crack the pot if you overfill)

3. Immediately push the dowling that is covered with ribbon into the plaster of Paris and hold it steady and making sure its is straight in the centre of the pot. The plaster of Paris will set very quickly.
4. Leave the pot to one side for the plaster of Paris to harden completely.
5. Wipe clean the polystyrene ball and using a sharp knife, pierce a hole in the bottom of the ball about 2 cm deep.
6. Using the spare dowling gently push it into the hole.(This will used to hold as we dip the ball.)
7. In double boiler place the chocolate and melt it.


8.Once chocolate has melted, dip the polystyrene ball into the chocolate by holding it from the dowling.Tap the rod to shake off any extra chocolate and leave the chocolate to set on the ball. 
9. Once chocolate is set repeat this procedure again so that the chocolate covered ball is re dipped in chocolate.Leave the chocolate to set on the ball.
10. Once again dip the chocolate covered ball into the chocolate for the third  and final time.Shake off extra chocolate and leave to set fully.Once chocolate is set place the ball into the freezer for 5-10 minutes. after which take the chocolate covered ball out of the freezer.and place it on a tea towel.
11. Gently twist the chocolate covered ball off the dowling and place it on the dowling that has been set in the pot.
11. Slightly cool the melted chocolate so that it thickens a little.

12. Dip sweets of your choice in the cooled chocolate and stick them to the chocolate ball..


13.One the ball is totally covered in the sweets place the sweet tree in the fridge to fully set the chocolate.
14. After 30 minutes remove the sweet tree form fridge and tie a piece of ribbon on the dowling.(If desired melt some white chocolate and drizzle it over the sweet tree.

15. Fill the flower pot with remaining sweets.
Sweet tree is ready, to give as a gift ,wrap in cellophane and secure with ribbon.


  1. What a wonderful idea post! LOVE YOUR CLICKS.

  2. Such a cool idea, it's going into the 'to do' folder on my list!

  3. Sweet trees seem to be all the rage at the mo! I am tempted to make one for each of my children for Valentines day - just a small one - but created from their favourite sweets!I had never seen a real one until I was looking in our local craft shop - it is where local crafters can sell their goods. They look so much more yummy in the 'flesh' than on pictures! Not many shops seem to sell them at all!

  4. You made that look sooooo easy!

    Laura Harris

  5. These seem to be all the rage at he mo. There is only one shop near me who I have seen selling them and they are so expensive. I think I will have a go at making my own - at least I can personalise them for each of my children with the colours and sweets they love best!

  6. Thanks for this, have seen this and fancied doing one for kids but had no idea where to start!

  7. these are so cute, I've got to try them!

  8. Wow! That looks amazing perfect for a kids party.

  9. that is so cool I always wanted to know how these were made :)

  10. The sweet tree looks fab, I was thinking about making some of these for xmas.

  11. What a fabulous idea, thank you.

  12. Not sure it would last long enough to be a gift if I made it.

  13. We made one for my mam on Mother's day!

    1. Thanks wonderful I love it when people take ideas from this space and recreate them.

  14. Does anyone know how to stick wrapped Easter eggs to styrofoam

  15. Can anyone advice me on how to stick wrapped chocolate easter eggs onto styrofoam. Thanks

    1. You may be able to push cocktail sticks in them and then push the cocktail sticks into the ball.

  16. These look really great. You must have a lot of patience as all the sweets are stuck so neatly together.

  17. i dont have patience to make this , looks wonderful.


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