Saturday 15 December 2012

Three Merry Berries Mocktail ~ The third day of Christmas

I was recently asked by Innocent Drinks to see If I would like to help them create a mocktail inspired by one of the days in the Christmas carol the Twelve days of Christmas. For my inspiration I was given the line "On the third day of Christmas My true love sent to me Three French hen, Two turtle doves and A partridge in a pear tree.."

I set the mood by singing Christmas carols at the top of my voice, then with much muddling, squeezing and shaking with different flavours and combinations of ingredients. I have come up with your very own perfect festive mocktail which I have named "Three Merry Berries."The colour of the berries, the fragrance of citrus and the cinnamon all emanate warm memories of Christmas and the combinations of the ingredients are very complimentary to each other.
I sent the recipe with my mocktail clicks to Innocent drinks so that the mocktail could be recreated at Innocent Fruit towers and professionally photographed for a recipe card that will be available so that you too can create this berrilicious mocktail. You can down load the recipe card from here.
Once all 12 days have been posted by various fellow bloggers a recipe pdf will be available to down load so that everyone can enjoy the 12 Christmas inspired mocktails.
The above recipe card is what Innocent Drinks recreated for me, below is my version I created for submitting to Innocent Drinks.

Three Merry Berry Mocktail

A delicious nostalgic Christmas spiced Berry mocktail

Serves 2

For Spiced honey syrup

90 ml water
60 ml light runny honey
2 inch piece of cinnamon
Small pinch cinnamon powder
2 star anise
2 cloves

For Mocktail

2 strawberries
4 raspberries
4 blackberries
½ teaspoon orange zest
½ teaspoon lime zest
10 ml lime juice
25 ml spiced honey syrup (made to above recipe)
60 ml Innocent apple juice
150 ml Innocent apple and Raspberry juice
60 ml soda water
Crushed Ice

For Decoration:

2 strawberries
2 blackberries
2 raspberries
2 star shaped sparklers
2 straws 8 cm long or to fit glass
1 tablespoon pink sugar crystals
1 teaspoon spiced honey syrup

For Serving:

2 orange slices
4 raspberries
4 blackberries
2 serving glasses
60 ml soda water


Make the spiced honey syrup.

  1. In a pan add the water, cinnamon stick, cinnamon powder, star anise, cloves and honey.
  2. Bring the mixture to boil, once boiling reduce the heat and simmer for 2-3 minutes until all the honey has melted.
  3. Remove the honey syrup from the heat and leave to cool.
  4. Once syrup has cooled strain it into a clean jar. Measure out 25 ml for the mocktail and refrigerate the rest for future use

Making the mocktail.

  1. Hull and roughly chop 2 strawberries and put it into a cocktail shaker, add 6 raspberries and 6 blackberries, orange and lime zest.
  2. With the help of a wooden muddler crush the berries.
  3. To the crushed berries add the apple and raspberry juice, apple juice, 25 ml spiced honey syrup, the lime juice and ice. Shake the mocktail and double strain it to remove any seeds.

To Serve:

  1. Take two serving glasses, coat the outer rim of them with the honey syrup and dip them in pink sugar crystals to form a pink  rim. Shake off access sugar.
  2. Dice two strawberries and add them to the 2 glasses.
  3. Add two whole raspberries and two whole blackberries and a slice of orange to each glass
  4. Gently pour the prepared mocktail to the glass and top it with some soda water.

To Garnish:

  1. Decoratively cut two slices from the 2 remaining strawberries and perch a slice onto the rim of each glass.
  2. Thread 1 raspberry and 1 blackberry to the star shaped sparkler, place the end of the sparkler into a straw and place the straw into the mocktail.

Light the sparkler before serving and enjoy Three Merry Berry Mocktail whilst listening to Christmas Carols or sing your own......
On the third day of Christmas my true love sent to me Three merry berries, 2 bags of spice and a lime in a citrus tree.....

Thankyou Innocent drinks for sending me the mocktail making equipment and the vouchers to purchase the ingredients .Thankyou also for giving me this wonderful opportunity to participate in such a wonderful festive event.


  1. OH wow! That is wonderful! I was expecting to see the second day of Christmas today as I was day one yesterday, but I am happy to slurp this a day early with you - it's LOVELY! Karen

  2. Yum Yum ....Pls pass me some :-)looks awesome

  3. This looks like a lovely festive mocktail and the perfect alternative to alcohol. Really enjoyed taking part in the Innocent promotion - weren't those cookies they sent out gorgeous?!

  4. Wow...This looks so delicious. Love everything about the drink. Very creative. Hope you patented it.

  5. Sounds delicious, refreshing, and so healthy.

  6. This is perfect my friend is pregnant so I was looking for some mocktails to serve at her baby shower Thank You :)

  7. Realise this is a Christmas mocktail, but if you removed the cloves it could be a refreshing summer one. Will give it a go!

  8. Fabulous mocktail. Looking forward to Christmas! But I know it's too early. :)

  9. Fab ideas - I have been out blackberry picking with the kids so am on the look out for inspiration! We have mad blackberry jam a few times but thought I would be more adventurerous! Wish me luck!

  10. Followed this recipe at the weekend! Great!


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