Friday 15 February 2013

Grow Organic, Eat Organic book review

I recently received a book called Grow Organic, Eat Organic.The book is aimed at children from age 6+ .
The book is perfect as a gift for young children and parents who enjoy cooking and gardening. It is illustrated with colourful pictures, easy to understand instructions and steps which provide growing suggestions to keep children interested from seed to plate. Gardening is one of the greatest ways to stimulate a child’s imagination and to ignite their first interest in the environment, while teaching important lessons in helping and sharing.
This book is perfect for encouraging  parent and child interaction where both can spend time together working in the garden and learning about nature and later cooking with the vegetables that they have grown.

The book also has a basic recipe section that the parent can use to cook with their child.The book has projects to cover the whole year so that parents and children can grow organic and eat organic the whole year around.I would definitely buy this book for my young nieces. It retails at £ 5.99, a small price to pay for all year round fun.It would make a perfect present for a child  if put together with a mini gardening kit of some packets of seeds and flowers and children's gardening tools.

My rating for this book:
Content 4/5
Illustrations 5/5
Recipes 4/5
Overall score 13/15

Thankyou to b small Publishing for sending me this book to review.All the views in this post are my own.

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  1. A great idea to get children involved thanks for the review :)


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