Thursday 21 February 2013

Review Vintage Cakes by Jane Brocket

I recently received a book called Vintage cakes by Jane Brocket to review. The book is a collection of recipes for delicious cakes of all sizes. There are simple recipes such as Victoria sponge sandwich to the more elaborate celebration cakes. The book opens with a baking history, followed by an essential ingredient and equipment list. Both these pages tell the baker about basic ingredients that are required for baking and also the basic equipment that one needs to start with. This is particularly useful if you are a novice at baking. In Essential techniques the author covers everything from oven temperature, preparing ingredients and also checking the cake for a perfect bake. This is good as the author has taken into consideration an inexperienced baker starting out on a baking project. 
The chapters that follow are in categories of different bakes such as 
  • Cake-tin cakes 
  • Everyday cakes  
  • Little cakes 
  • Posh cakes 
  • Fancies and frivolities 
  • Celebration cakes 
The recipes start with an introduction to the cake type, followed by an ingredients list and then the method. The page is laid out so that it is easy to follow. I would say the book is more for a new baker starting off on their baking journey as most of the recipes are very classic, tried and tested. I loved the vintage style photography and the colourful pages. The book retails at £25.00 which is a little expensive but I think given the fact that it is a really pretty book and it would make a wonderful present as a keepsake that can be passed from mother to daughter.

My rating for this book:
Content 4/5
Illustrations 5/5
Recipes 4/5
Overall score 13/15

Thankyou to jacqui  small  publishing for sending me this book to review.I look forward to trying the recipes through this book.All the views in this post are my own.


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