Sunday 31 March 2013

10 best sites for Eggless baking

I have recently been to many baking classes and since then I have been searching for an egg less cake recipe that that is fool proof.  Many people do not consume egg in any shape of form, this may be due to health reasons,allergies or religious reasons. I having been working my way through many egg less cake recipes to find one that works best for me that will give me a light sponge. Most recipes I have tried give the cake either a rubbery texture, some make the cakes really dense and others give an after taste from too much raising agent that needs to be added to make the cake rise.I have tried recipes with fizzy water, cola and even adding egg replacers such as apple sauce, flax seeds and yogurt,sour cream and apple cider vinegar.The recipe that I found that works best for me is adding the apple cider vinegar.This gives me the best texture,moistness and lightness in the cake.Some eggless recipes that I have created  are eggless cookies, eggless muffins,eggless pancakes, eggless cakes and eggless  mousse.

During my search, some of these sites have become my favorite sites which are very good and informative. They all cover different types of egg less recipes and offer helpful advise, tips and tricks for egg less baking so I thought why not share them with here my readers. If you are looking to improve your eggless baking do drop by and check these sites.

1.Madhurams egg less baking
2. Chef in you
3. Divine Taste
4. Gayathri Cook Spot
5. Bhavnas vegetarian kitchen
6. Edible Garden
7. Tarla Dalal
8. Manjulas Kitchen
9. Nisha
10. Red Chillies


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. The Divine Taste site has some great ideas thanks!

  3. I love the Divine Taste site - thank for the intro!

  4. That's another use for apple cider vinegar. Useful sites too. thanks.

  5. Thanks for the information. very helpful

  6. Very informative!! Thank u so much!!!


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