Saturday 2 March 2013

Novelty kids sandwiches~ Nutella spread in Bear shape

Nutella novelty bear character sandwiches perfect for a children's lunch box or tea party.


4 slices white or brown  bread slices
2  tablespoon Nutella spread
1 small piece carrot


1. Remove the crusts from the bread slices and using a round cookie cutter out 2 circles from each slice.You should have 8 circles now
2. From the remaining bread cut offs, cut out 4 pairs of tear drop shapes approx 2 cm long to make ears.
3.Spread the Nutella on all eight circles.
4. At the top of 4 of the circles, position the bears ears on either side.

5. Place the second slice of bread on top of the slice with the ears placed on it. You will now have 4 Bear shaped sandwiches.
6. Slice the carrot and cut out two small bow shapes from it and keep aside.
7. Make a small grease proof paper cone and fill it with the Nutella.
8. Pipe eyes and snout and triangles on ears with the Nutella .

9. On two of the sandwiches place a blob of Nutella next to right ear and place the carrot bow  for girl bear.

10. Serve the sandwiches immediately.

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  1. Cute looking sandwiches..:)

  2. wow looks so cute!!!

  3. Super cute, kid's friendly sandwich.

  4. Looks fab yum and beautiful

  5. These made me smile. I want to make some now x

  6. It is so appealing, creative stuff and kid's friendly.

  7. Thank you - I am making these with my kids this evening so they can take them to school tomorrow for Red nose day! We are going to give the bears red noses though! I have some edible red balls!

  8. Lovely idea. Like the addition of the carrot bow for the girls. Could give him a bow tie if it's a boy.


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